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What Our Clients Say

We are so grateful to Coastal Capital Funding for getting us the best loan! We work in the health field and know ZERO about home loans. We were referred to them through a friend at church and after shopping around we came back to Coastal Capital Funding because they had the best deal and we truly felt like we could trust them to help us with the biggest purchase of our lives.

Jami and Derek ScholzHomebuyer

We are so grateful for Coastal Capital Funding and the great job they did securing our loan. We were trying to combine our 1st and 2nd mortgages and were so frustrated that we could not find anyone to help us out. Steve and company were recommended by a friend and blew us away by their quick responses and personal care. It seemed like our loan funded in no time and now we are free of that awful ARM hanging over our heads! Thanks guys- you are amazing!!!!

Marty and Chris FuquaHomebuyer

Steve has done two loans for us, our initial home purchase and just recently a refinance loan. Steve has proven himself to be a true professional, he cares about his clients and their needs. Although we ran into some challenges with the refinance Steve was there to get things back on track and sort out the communication failures. We truly appreciate all that Steve has done for us and look forward to our next opportunity to work with him.

Jennifer C.Homebuyer


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Our Difference

It is our ambition to light the way in our commitment to our clients on our company’s core value of “loyalty”. Loyalty means that we take a deep interest in each and every client and make sure that we listen, understand and honor their needs and goals, so that they can make the most informed mortgage decision possible. In doing so, we believe we will make a measurable difference in the financial quality of the lives of our clients and their families.